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As an anesthesiologist myself, it is doubly important that we help protect our specialties as these are the ones most under assault by other advanced providers, payors and administrators. The MSMA has done a lot to advocate for increases in payments to hospital-based physicians, speak with the hospital association and hospitals to make sure that employed physicians do not get devalued and ordered around as if they are just another employee. We work especially hard to make sure that hospital based physicians are given the same due process as private practice physicians and covered under the medical staff policies. So, there is a lot that you as a physician benefit from by the work of the MSMA. And, whether we like it or not, politicians and policy makers listen to what the state medical association says more so than to our specialties because they want to know if a policy or position is good for all physicians. We value our members and thank you for lending your voice and financial support to the one organization that protects the whole of medicine as a profession.

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